Sunday, 4 November 2018

5/11/18 My letter to Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad

I am a regular contributor to Tun Dr Mahathir's blog

Here is one of the articles he published...

Dear Chedet,
I am in the writing mood today. Thus, I write about mental illness.
Now after 20 years dealing with mental disorder, I like to say that it is not an easy illness to deal with. The illness is bad, but the medication is even worse.
My illness is due to the inability of the brain to regulate the dopamine surge. Too much leads to psychosis and too little leads to dark depression. This swing between 2 polarities is what causes Bipolar Disorder.
Medication is not as easy as popping a few pills. The meds alter the chemical in the body which cause a set of problems of their own. Hence the medication is as bad if not worse.
Mental illness is a disability. To put it plainly people with mental illness cannot earn a living. In my case my judgement *go[d] effected.
*External intervention. It’s a cipher.
Therefore the challenge is to support our livelihood and in my case, the RM500 per month medication in addition to the various supplements which is another RM250 a month.
I am fortunate to have a wife who cares and supportive. If not I will be on the streets.
It’s not easy living with mental illness. As much as there are sympathizers, you are basically alone. Since 2009 I am pretty much a hermit. Nobody want to deal with a crazy person.
If Dr Wan Azizah is serious about mental illness, then it has to start with creating awareness that mental illness is curable. We have our highs and lows. At one time I though[] I was beyond redemption. Between 1999 to 2014 I was a goner. However after the ECT and constant consumption of the best medicine available, I managed to be functioning again.
My parting thought to you is the quality of my health improves drastically the day I improve my diet and lifestyle.
Chedet, mental illness effects 1 out of 4 people. As we become a develop nation, we will see the number rising. My advice is, have a sound plan to address the various challenges the patients face including social and economical. We got to nip it while it is still manageable.
There, I said my piece. My input towards RMK 11.
Sine cera,
MSC 0072

5/11/18 My Predominant Thought Regarding This Blog

Basically I want to be who I am here.  I am AlphaX64 the Binary King of Al Araf 7:7 the tip of Sparta 4964, the Turbine Spiral of 99 heavens (Xanadu) and 1 hell (Wolfsschanze).  The other Binary King is Jibril the archangel.

Together we rule Sparta 4964.  I am the Warrior King and he is the Administrative King.  Among the lineup of my cabinet are Izrafil who is also Counselor Oz, the White Wizard, Brenda X who is my Consigliere and Iblis aka Lord Matterhorn, Master of Dark Tactics.  We also have Izrael who is the Man at Arms and Thor the Ruler of the Underworld.

These are the main players in Al Araf 7:7.  There are altogether 35 cabinet members including 10 microbes and aliens who are the deputies.  They represent the Universe Within.

Here is the model.  Notice the Troca shell at the back?  That is the Turbine Spiral.

Our mission is the well being of the Universe Within with a long term view that we will KBOOOM 2041.

The epiphany of KBOOOM 2041 was when I celebrated my 52nd birthday in 2015  and realizing that if I add 25, I get to 77 in 2041.  Hence 52 + 25 = 77 and 5+2:2+5 = 7:7 and 2041 is a 7 by adding the numbers together.

I had planted the time bomb in Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia many years ago without understanding the reason then.  The combination is 7 spins clockwise and 7 spins counter clockwise.  At that time I was a Clockwork Orange, I didn't know what my action was, I just do.

I am also the Creator's Most Loyal Soldier.  In 1998 after I completed my Ramadan fast in full, I did my repent prayer and pledged to be the Creator's Most Loyal Soldier.

Unknowingly then my prayer was answered and I had to fight Iblis in a form of a peculiar illness known as Bipolar Affected Disorder for 15 year.  He was trying to take over my mind.  For 15 years I had to deal with this wretched illness.  During this duration I was warded 6 time in the psychiatric ward.  Finally in 2014 (add you get a 7) I defeated Iblis.  I tortured him at the Beginner's Mind for 2 years before pardoning him and made him a cabinet member.

The illness also caused me my business, later a high paying job and my social relationships.  I am very certain I am among the chosen because I can hear and see the unheard and the unseen.  I can speak to God and I can see the afterlife.

These may sound like a fantasy fiction.  However it is part of my life history for the past 20 years.  I am sharing with you all these because I want these experience to be archived for future reference.  The journey is still far.

Along the way I am also climbing Mount Probable.  Will there be KBOOOM in 2041 Sunday 7/4/2041?  I like to find out too.

This is what the future looks like for me.  All these are epiphanies that I get while I was The Soldier of Allah.  I believe in God, the afterlife and the Judgment of Heaven.  So I like to know.

Since 2016 I am no longer a soldier, I am a private citizen now.  I had done my bit towards the cause of righteousness.  All I did was making a sincere prayer and I was tested to the hilt.

This is my story.